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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds new maps - everything we know about the forthcoming desert and Adriatic maps

pubg new map

Just as we were getting to know the 8x8km island map of Erangel, we discover there are two new PUBG maps: the first PUBG new map, Miramar, is set in a desert in South America, the second forthcoming PUBG map will pull together a number of terrain types to create a scaled-down Adriatic setting. Miramar and its myriad shanty towns and gulches has now launched in full. The Adriatic-based map, however, is still in the early stages of development and PUBG Corp have been very vague on the details.

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So, to keep you in the loop, we are pooling together everything we know about the new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds maps, including vehicles, release dates, and key landmarks.

PUBG desert map - Miramar

pubg new map

The sensible place to start then is with an image of the map. Take a look at the below screen to see the basic layout of Miramar, or check out this interactive, high-res version of the PUBG new map.

pubg new map

Now that the PUBG desert map has been live for a while, we have had a chance to check it out for ourselves - here is a breakdown of Miramar’s geography.

For starters, there is a massive river hugging the south-east corner of the map, so this will not be a completely arid slog as many had feared. Instead, craters and undulating hills are the landscape features breaking up this massive expanse of land - you can see two massive craters on the map, one of which is the size of a major town. Aside from large settlements, there are also a few notable spots like Prison in the south-west corner, Hacienda Del Patron in the middle, and Campo Militar in the north-east. The map also features a massive town called Los Leonas, which is roughly four times larger than Erangel’s well-known Pochinki settlement.

The new PUBG desert map also features some weapons and vehicles that differ from those found across Erangel. In terms of PUBG weapons, you can find the R45 revolver, Win94 lever-action rifle, and Sawed-off shotgun. While you can still find buggies and motorbikes dotted around Miramar, the Aquarail jetski, off-road Pickup, and VW-Camper-style Van are new PUBG vehicles that can only be found on the new PUBG desert map.

There is also much more greenery and natural cover in the PUBG new map than we initially thought. Hopefully, that means you will be able to employ the same tactics here that you have mastered in Erangel, namely hiding behind trees and bushes.

Feast your eyes on the following glut of PUBG new map screenshots.

pubg desert map

pubg desert map

pubg desert map

pubg desert map

pubg desert map

PUBG Adriatic map

We know a lot less about the upcoming PUBG Adriatic map, but a few details about it can be gleaned from a forum FAQ on the official PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds site. It says the upcoming map is the same size as the original island map, Erangel, and located on an island in the Adriatic Sea. At its centre is a snowy cluster of mountains, offering the game’s millions of players somewhere they can finally wear those puffer jackets looted from all over Erangel. There will also be a stretch of Mediterranean coastline and a dense forest section of the map.

In terms of key buildings, only one has been mentioned: a massive, Soviet-era cosmodrome. Initially, Mr Unknown himself (or Brendan Greene, if you prefer) revealed to us that the cosmodrome would feature several massive buildings full of loot, but that the team have had to scale down their ambitions.

pubg new mapConcept art for Destiny's Cosmodrome.

“I see [a level designer] work on the cosmodrome, and the guy who is working on the buildings - the first round of buildings he did were massive. You could host two or three whole battle royales within these buildings. They had 50 floors, they were gigantic, but they made the area look super cool. We did have to cut them down and make them more manageable so people did not run into a building and go ‘Fuck’. So much loot, so little time.”

Sounds exciting, but Greene was keen to emphasise that “it is still very early” and the maps are continually changing. “We are still blocking out where towns will be, what the various points of interest will be. On the Adriatic map, we have this really cool cosmodrome in mind, with a ruined shuttle half-falling.”

Sounds incredible, but it will be some time before we see the map in action as Greene has said the upcoming Adriatic map is not yet in production.

PUBG Adriatic map release date

Nope, nothing to report on here - sorry. A map of this size takes a very, very long time to make and is not even in production yet, so do not expect to be playing it until Q4 2018.

That is everything we know about both PUBG new maps. If there is anything we have missed then please drop us a line in the comments below.

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Sounds like a new map. Every door is fraught with danger.

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Strike at Karkand 2017!