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Better the devil you know - The Curse of Tristram brings Diablo 2 to StarCraft 2 Arcade

Diablo 2

A developer who goes by the name Egod has recreated the majority of Diablo 2 for StarCraft 2 Arcade, with an alpha test coming this summer.

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Recreating one of the most highly rated dungeon crawlers of all time is no easy task, and Egod is undertaking it for free, only funding the work through small donations on Patreon, presumably fueled only by internet comments from people who are terrified of change. 

"My goal is to bring back one of the best [games] ever made, (Diablo II: Lord of Destruction) into a recent 3D Engine and bring it to another level," says Egod on the project's Patreon page.

The free StarCraft 2 mod will be released as a series of custom maps and published through Arcade.

Most of the core systems are already developed, so it's mostly a case of reimagining the scenarios and stitching it all together. Progress so far is looking promising, as you'll see in the trailer below:

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Anakhoresis avatarAever avatarfrankwest71 avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
2 Years ago

I can't see this turning out well. "Modder takes Blizzard IP of game that is still being played, purchased, and updated and recreates it in another Blizzard game while accepting monetary donations for his work."

Brilliant. Please educate if I'm incorrect and that this is going to go swimmingly.

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

I would install Starcraft 2 for this ...

frankwest71 Avatar
2 Years ago

beautiful game. one mistake please look out for. see how the barb hitting the monsters during around 2:00 makes that blue swing? please don't make diablo 2 too godly like in diablo 3, that is a failure. when i say godly, i mean please do not make human characters exibit the ability of god, such as a swing is too far, and too blue. diablo 2 i love is the d2 having characters at their weakest, not to make it look like they go in there and pop monsters with swings 15 meters far. That is NEPHALEM, we don't want nephalem, we want d2 characters who look weak when they swing, but when they use their ability it will have to look strong and colorful. but melee shouldn't look like that. i played d2 for 10 years, this not a joke, dont make d2 into nephalem d3 again. i like diablo part alot, looks real. hd graphic is so godly.